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Top 10 flyover in the world

 Top 10 flyover in the world

Flyovers, bridges, overbridges, underpasses, overpasses and other technological marvels allow people, automobiles and even trains to save time and effort. Bridges are often built over bodies of water such as rivers, but bridges are designed to provide a path for people and even automobiles over railways. In this era of congested traffic in metro centres, a flyover is a concept that allows roadways to be built over highways to allow faster flow of people and cars.

Here are 15 interesting flyovers from around the world:

1. The Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange, USA

This Los Angeles bridge features a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) or carpool lane as well as a harbor transitway. It is primarily a junction for two highways, the Glenn M. Anderson Freeway and Interstate-110 (Harbor Freeway).

2. Gravelly Hill Interchange (Spaghetti Junction), UK

This asymmetric intersection links the A38 (Tyburn Road), A38(M) (Aston Expressway), A5127 (Litchfield Road/Gravely Hill) and several unmarked local roads. It covers 30 acres (12 ha), serves 18 routes, and has 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) of slippery roads, but just 1 kilometer (0.6 mi) of the M6. It consists of 559 concrete pillars that span five storeys and reach a height of 24.4 meters (80 ft). As a result of the linking of railway lines, three canals and two rivers, engineers had to raise 21.7 km (13.5 mi) of the highway.

3. High Five Interchange, USA

The High Five Intersection is a massive five-level highway interchange located just north of downtown Dallas, Texas. This is Lyndon B. It connects the Johnson Freeway (Interstate 635) and the Central Expressway (US 75), two important freeways with substantial rush-hour traffic, and is the city's first five-level stack intersection.

The term "high five" refers to the five flyover ramps that rise above the landscape and handle left-turn operations, indicating a celebratory gesture.

The interchange is the height of a 12-story building [1] , with 43 bridges divided into five levels ("High Five"), 710 support layers, and 60 kilometers of new roads.

4. Jane Byrne Interchange (The Circle Interchange), USA

The Dan Ryan, Kennedy, and Eisenhower Expressways meet at this junction. This construction is an example of a 'turbine interchange' as opposed to the typical four- or five-level stack interchange. The design has become more flattened. However, it is famous for its high traffic and congestion.

5. Tom Moreland Interchange, USA

Transition is a stack crossover. Spaghetti Junction is a five-level stack junction, not a standard four-level stack, as the north-east-to-southwest ramp runs above the interchange's fourth level. Buford Highway/US 23, Chambly-Tucker Road, Pleasantdale Road and Northcrest Road all have additional ramps. About 300,000 cars pass through the interchange daily. From Northcrest Road to I-85 south, it has 14 bridges, the tallest of which is 90 feet (27 m).

6. Hebbal Flyover, India

The 5.23 km flyover was developed by Gammon India to decongest traffic at the intersection of NH-7 and Outer Ring Road. Hebbal is a Bangalore assembly constituency that represents the northern terminal of the city and is famous for its spectacular lake. The city has experienced continuous growth and expansion. Throughout the day, the Hebbal flyover has become a bottleneck for all traffic movement from the city to the north and vice versa.

7. Visvesvaraya Flyover, India

Visvesvaraya Flyover is the longest flyover in the country. The 11.6-km flyover connects Mehdipatnam and Aramghar Junction on NH-7, which leads to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad. This flyover in India allows the public to detour with three up and down ramps at various locations including Laxmi Nagar Junction, Badwell Junction, and Aramghar Junction, and has the latest technology of prefabricated segments and overhead grid launchers, which makes it the highest in its class. makes it suitable for public. It also has a central lighting system.

8. Kathipara Junction, Chennai, India

Kathipara Crossroads in the southern Indian city of Chennai is one of the largest cloverleaf interchanges in Asia. It relieves traffic congestion on four highways, including the Grand Southern Trunk Road and National Highway 45. Maduravoyal, located in Chennai, is an important trefoil intersection where National Highway 4 and Chennai Bypass cross, which was constructed in 2010.

9. Hosur Road Elevated Expressway, India

The Electronic City Elevated Expressway connects Silk Board Junction and Electronic City in Bangalore, India, and is 9.985 kilometers (6.204 mi) long. BETL (Bengaluru Elevated Tollways Limited) was in charge of the project, which was part of the National Highway Development Project and the Elevated Highway Project. It starts after the Central Silk Board overpass at Rupena Agrahara and continues till Electronic City. It rises 17 meters (56 ft) above the BMIC flyover, making it the highest flyover in Bangalore.

10. PVNR Elevated Expressway, India

The V. Narasimha Rao Expressway connects the Hyderabad International Airport to Mehdipatnam and is 11.6 kilometers long. The previous design of the expressway had no entry or departure ramps, except at two ends. Only Mehdipatnam and Aramghar can be used to access the expressway (and vice versa). People from neighboring communities could no longer use the highway. As a result, the flyover's traffic was deemed insufficient, rendering it useless. Three sets of entrance and exit ramps were created when the design was updated. Laxmi Nagar Junction, Budvel Junction and Aramghar Junction are the three locations for the ramp.


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