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Top 10 Real Estate Companies of Bangladesh (With Pictures)

Top 10 Real Estate Companies of Bangladesh!

In the 1970s, the real estate business in Bangladesh was sluggish and barely five business ventures dealt with it.

The establishment of REHAB (Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh) in 1991 gave a big boost to the real estate business and by 2004 the number of real estate developers reached 250. Today, the number of real estate enterprises is growing rapidly.

1. Basundhara Group:

Basundhara Group started business in real estate under the name of 'Basundhara'.

Owing to the bright prospects of the real estate business in Bangladesh, it quickly earned the trust of the people and is now one of the top ten real estate companies in the country. Although the company started its venture in real estate in 1987, it has grown by leaps and bounds, and today it has established business in real estate in Bangladesh.

2. Advanced Development Technologies:

Mastering the construction of luxurious apartments, highly sophisticated complexes and corporate offices etc. has been a distinctive feature of advanced development techniques since its inception.

The use of quality material for the construction of buildings has always maintained the trust of the people and this is something that differentiates this company from others. The company has catered to the needs of all classes of people by developing varieties of houses and residences. Its creations can be seen in major places like Dhanmandi, Gulshan and Banani.

Today it is renowned as one of the leading real estate enterprises.

3. Alliance Properties:

Alliance Red Dhanmandi , Alliance Cloud Banana , Alliance Dilruba Bassindhara are the upcoming projects of Alliance Properties. Alliance Properties has provided homes to the country's dense population for decades and continues to attract visitors with its timeless masterpieces.

It is one of the top ten companies in Bangladesh and it is making rapid progress with the passage of time.

4. Amin Mohammed Group:

Amin Mohammed Group is also one of the top real estate companies in Bangladesh.

With several projects in the past and present, the company has done much to provide housing to the growing population of Bangladesh. Due to the turnover of lakhs every year, it gives employment to a large number of people in its name.

with its head office at Dhanmandi, Mohammadpur, Dhaka; The company is well known all over Bangladesh.

5. Anavar Milestone:

Dealing with different range of real estate services, Anwar Landmark is well known all over Bangladesh for its reliable work and customer oriented services.

Selling, renting, developing and renovating real estate properties and manufacturing building materials has been the pursuit of Anwar Landmark. The quality work of Anwar Landmark has sprouted and maintained the trust of the people.

The company has made phenomenal contribution in the development of real estate business all over Bangladesh.

6. Artisan Group:

Since 1998, Artisan Group is providing services in real estate. It is a group of energetic experts who are theoretically and practically expert in all aspects of real estate service.

With its quality work and customer satisfaction orientation, it has turned dreams of many customers into reality. Today it is one of the top real estate companies in Bangladesh. The development of residential apartments, luxurious bungalows and commercial complexes has been its prime destination.

The expertise in this field has set it apart in the developing world of real estate business in Bangladesh.

7. Avenue Builders:

It is one of the oldest and most renowned real estate firms in Bangladesh. Developing high rise buildings, commercial and residential avenues, large hotels and resorts etc. with the help of high quality materials and experienced experts is something in which Avenue Builders excel.

With several ongoing and upcoming projects in hand, Avenue Builders has the credit of garnering high appreciation from the clients for their excellent work.

8. Bangladesh Development Group:

Serving as a member of REHAB, Bangladesh Development Group is known for its excellent work at reasonable prices.

Bangladesh is a developing country and price matters a lot in all areas of business, and real estate business is no exception. The current assets of the group are somewhere around Rs. 30,000.00 million which is equivalent to US$ 411 million.

It not only earns profit but also provides quality service at reasonably affordable prices.

9. Basti Consortium Limited:

Basati Consortium Limited was first incorporated in the year 1987 as Alpana Plaza Limited and Home Builders Company Limited and was renamed as Basati Consortium Limited in 1991.

Designing, planning and construction of several projects in and around the city of Dhaka, has been a major contributor to the city and society as a whole.

Basti Consortium Limited has attracted both foreign and local buyers alike.

10. ABC Real Estate Limited:

ABC Real Estates Limited was established in the year 1988. It is a part of Associated Builders Corporation Limited which has been in business since 1972.

ABC Real Estates Limited has developed many multi-storey buildings, fertilizer factories, industrial structures, power stations and bridges etc. till date. Since inception it has always maintained quality in its work and today it enjoys and has the trust of millions of people. Now a symbol of dependability and quality.


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