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 The 15 Most Fascinating "Unknown" Wives In Hollywood

In the world of Hollywood, the dating circles and love triangles always seem endless - as if all of Hollywood has dated each other. It's no surprise that most celebrities end up with a celebrity counterpart because they lead the same lifestyle and there are so many beautiful people in Hollywood to choose from. However, the problem with Hollywood couples is that most of the time they don't last. Many Hollywood relationships and marriages didn't last, hence the infamy. Some "smarter" celebrity men have gone for regular, everyday girls who aren't in the limelight - so ladies, don't give up on your dream of being with one of the Hemsworth brothers, you'll never know.

Celebrities who have managed to find a partner outside of Hollywood should consider themselves lucky — most of the time, these relationships prove to be much more successful. We've seen how difficult it can be to date someone who is just as rich and famous, as it usually ends in failure (think Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston). And we all know how shallow Hollywood stars can be, only settling for women who are like tens of thousands. Being a Hollywood actor means they can find any woman they want, but we applaud these following men who find beauty in non-famous women. These women deserve more recognition even though we don't see them on the red carpet or on the silver screen as often as female celebs because if they got the attention of a Hollywood man, they certainly deserve it from us.

15. Emma Heming

We can't blame the Die Hard star for "falling" hard for this beauty - just any guy would. Not many people know, Emma Heming is the wife of Bruce Willis who managed to snag such a ridiculously attractive woman. Mrs. Willis looks like a Hollywood actress, but she isn't. In fact, many people are unable to recognize her even though she has been a supermodel for over 15 years. They have a great relationship; Hemings gave up her modeling career to contribute to her husband's career. We're pretty sure that many men would die to have Hemming by their side, but nobody better be messing with "Bruce Willis."

14. Joanna Newsom

Apparently, you can make the biggest fool of yourself by making songs like "D*** in a Box" on Saturday Night Live and still manage to make a beautiful, light-hearted, lesser-known singer out of you . Her name is Joanna Newsom, and although she's a singer, she's never quite hit it big because of her unique musical style, but it doesn't really matter now that she's married no-shame Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg is married. What was odd about this whole situation, however, was that it was Samberg who was following her around; Constantly attended her little shows as he developed a school-boy crush on her. The two then met through mutual friends, and luckily, they hit it off and got married in 2013.

13. Luciana Pedraza

We all remember Robert Duvall in his handsome young years in the epic film The Godfather. Now fast forward a few years and he is married to an Argentinian woman all men would die to have. Here's the only problem, Mr. Duvall isn't the young hunk he used to be. Luciana Pedraza didn't mind that this would be her fourth marriage or the fact that there is a 40-year age difference. A lady with curves in all the right places, we wonder if Bobbi can handle all that - this is her fourth marriage, so experience must count. They met when Mrs. Duvall invited him to a party he didn't know about. And then came dating, and then marriage, and Duvall lived happily ever after with his fox Argent.

12. Sibi Blazic

In the movies, one of our favorite heroes, Batman, has never been in love enough to get married, and we thought the same would be true for Christian Bale, until this hot spiel came along. Sibi Blazic, who was part of the Hollywood world in a way, was not famous or in the limelight because she was Winona Ryder's assistant. Bell had always said that he never planned on getting married because he grew up in a family with multiple divorces, but that all changed when he first laid eyes on Blazic. Mrs. Bell is now a little more famous because of him. After they moved to Vegas, she got a role in The Dark Knight Rises by her husband's side. Batman rises to the top with this beauty.

11. Kyla Weber

Vince Vaughn should be thankful that no one did his wedding on Wedding Crashers, because his wife, Kyla Weber, is a totally Canadian babe. Who ever thought funnyman Vince Vaughn would ever slow down? We haven't seen her since seeing her in movies like Old School and Swingers, but according to Vaughn, things change quickly when you meet a blue-eyed sweetie. What's pretty coincidental about this whole encounter is that he was introduced on the set of Wedding Crashers - we're guessing he really didn't mind crashing her. A Canadian real estate agent, Mrs. Von falls instantly for Von and within months sells her place in Calgary to be with her prince charming. Not exactly famous, she quickly adapted to his lifestyle and no one ever broke up their three-day marriage.

10. Alexi Ash

Regarded as one of the funniest men in Hollywood, along with Andy Samberg, Seth Meyers is also married to a natural beauty who is not a part of the world of the rich and famous. So far, this list proves that being a comedian is just about any woman you can think of because all women love men who can make them laugh (keep that in mind, boys). Human rights lawyer Alexei Aish married his wife in a vineyard in 2013. Opposites attract, but one thing these two have in common is brutal honesty. Another coincidence story, the two met at a wedding, and SNL star Meyers claimed it was "love at first sight". Looks like these daring comedians finally have a soft spot.

9. Luciana Barroso

Ladies, if you want even the slightest chance of marrying a man in Hollywood, you might want to hang around a movie set. Matt Damon found himself in brunette bombshell Luciana Barroso and was smitten from the moment he met her. On the set of filming Stuck on You (again, coincidentally), Damon met his soulmate. To be more specific, he actually met her at a bar after filming. Damon decides to spend a night on the town and immediately falls for the bartender, and we don't blame him, he's gorgeous.

8. Elsa Pataky

We can't have Chris Hemsworth because his other half is uncontrollably drop-dead gorgeous. Although this Australian blue eyed actor has stolen the hearts of many a lady, Elsa Pataky has us all beat. We can't decide who is better looking in this pair. Hemsworth could have had any woman in Hollywood, but a lesser-known Spanish actress is the one he gave the diamond ring to. Although she is quite famous in Spain, we thought the whole world should know about this beautiful and of course, foxy lady.

7. Alicia Kim

Who knew that being a waitress could turn you into a famous actor and now producer who has found massive success? Not us, but now Mrs. Cage, Alicia Kim, proved the world otherwise. Alicia Kim is 20 years younger than the Hollywood star, and Cage must be feeling pretty accomplished. We don't blame Cage for immediately falling for Kim while he was dining at a restaurant called Le Prive. She has a dreamy alluring look which can charm any man. In 2016, there were rumors that Cage was cheating on his younger wife, but he definitely got smarter - she has one of the foxiest wives on this list.

6. Lauren Parsekian

We don't know if we envy Aaron Paul or Lauren Parkesian more — this couple is what some would call "couple goals." Paul, who made his Hollywood breakthrough thanks to Breaking Bad, never seemed the artificial type, but rather humble, this marriage to an unknown wife came as no surprise. They seem to be a match made in heaven. The dashing actor probably never thought he would meet his soulmate at the very famous music festival, Coachella, but he did when he laid eyes on Lauren. Breaking Bad Boy should have known she was the one the day after they had their first kiss, and what gets us all excited is that every year, they join in the celebration of where it all began. . Mrs. Paul is not only beautiful, but also a philanthropist - she quit acting to run her own non-profit.

5. Daniel DeLisa

Boy-band members always drive girls crazy. It's every girl's dream to be with a guy from a boy band, and it just came true for New Jersey resident Danielle DeLisa. Kevin Jonas has stepped away from the limelight and found the beautiful Danielle. According to these Hollywood A-listers, it's not too hard to fall in love instantly; This musician also immediately fell in love with an "everyday" woman. It all went down in the Bahamas when Jonas was on a family vacation and met Danielle - the chemistry was instant and the two married in 2009. From being a hairdresser to having her own reality show with her husband, this beautiful lady has it all.

4. Zoe Buckman

Remember Ross from everyone's favorite television sitcom Friends who was madly in love with Rachel? Of course, you all do, and we're all rooting for David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston in real life, however, that didn't happen. But, after a string of failed relationships with others who shared the same rich and famous lifestyle, in 2007, Schwimmer finally met his lobster. Her two previous relationships with celebs had failed, so she's had to expand her horizons beyond the confines of Hollywood when it comes to love. Zoe Buckman, who is now Mrs. Schwimmer, is from Britain. He is a multimedia artist and they both have a child. The couple reportedly called time to separate in April 2017, but who could let such a hot momma go.

3. Beth Ostrosky

Another one bites the dust; Here's another comedian with a hot and tiny babe. The only Howard Stern found himself a hot blonde model. Hard to imagine, we know, but the 64-year-old managed to win over Beth Ostrowski who is 20 years his junior. Beth, who legally changed her last name to Stern, started out as a model and is now an actress, model and animal rights activist, as well as married to one of the most popular radio personalities. She wasn't exactly an "unknown" as she's known as one of the foxiest women in the world, but compared to her other half, she's much less of a big deal. What makes him even more touching is how much he has done for people; Cribs and shelters for cats in NYC.

2. Claire Grant

When Seth Green's name comes to mind, most automatically think of him in Austin Powers, but there's a lot about this Hollywood actor that many people don't know, including the fact that he's married. What we also don't know about Seth Green, other than the fact that he voices Chris on Family Guy, is that his wife is a total hottie. He may be small, but size doesn't matter; He made a name for himself in Hollywood as a comedian and made himself a downright hottie. Claire Grant, who has been married to Green since 2010, is an actress with a decadent filmography chart, but not everyone knows who she is. We can't blame Green for falling in love with this blue-eyed girl in 2006.

1. Crystal Harris

The man that every other man in this world has been the envy of for years, the late Hugh Hefner had to make it to the top of this list. With a reputation like that, and being on top of the world living with some of the most beautiful women in the world, it's no surprise that he managed to make a perfect 10 life partner. Crystal Harris, who changed her name to Crystal Hefner, was the last woman to live with the Playboy founder. After all those years, this player was still able to play to keep his teammates company. They apparently met at the mansion and the rest was history.


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